TUNCAD is a non-political and non-profit association, incorporated in Ontario, Canada in 2012. Its mission is to foster the exchange of best practices and knowledge and promote economic partnership between Canada and Tunisia by attracting professionals, experts and skills from both countries for the purpose of supporting initiatives, events and any project aiming to develop the economic and entrepreneurial abilities at the local or national level of the two countries.
TUNCAD’s vision is to establish a networking platform between Tunisian and Canadian businesses and entrepreneurs. To this end, TUNCAD will organize, facilitate and support seminars, forums, workshops and conferences that will promote investment opportunities and enable the exchange of ideas, best practices, expertise and technological knowledge between Tunisians and Canadians.
To achieve its objectives, TUNCAD will rely on the skills and expertise of a committed group of successful Tunisian and Canadian professionals. TUNCAD will also utilize cutting-edge communication technologies and high quality multimedia products to maximize its outreach.

  • Promote investment opportunities between Tunisian and Canadian businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Foster economic and human resources development between Tunisian and Canada.
  • Facilitate exchange of technologies and proprietary know-how between Tunisia and Canada.

Tunisia is off to an amazingly good start !